Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September 13, 2006 - A short addendum

Recently, I received two expected emails regarding the Canadian triathlon.

The first one was about the distances of the race. The race directors were apologizing for short swim and run distances in the sprint tri. The swim was about 100m short (so about 1min45 short for me), and the run was about 200m short (which I guessed). I figure that even at the paces that I maintained, I was off by about 4min of what the "full" distances would have been. Still very happy with my performance, and still under 2hrs!

The second email was to let me know that my race pictures were ready. I decided to take this one onto the blog, which is me exiting T1 just after the swim. And yes, I ran the whole way - not just for the camera!

See you all next year for my next race!

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