Tuesday, August 29, 2006

August 28, 2006 - An exercise in navigation

Swim: 1400m, 40min

Went to a lane swim to work out the butterflies and just stay a bit fresh in the water. Had to go to a different pool, as the usual one for me is closed right now for maintenance. The pool is a wave pool that gets roped off for lane swims (and of course, the wave generator is turned off). Being the summer, they do multiuse at the same time, so there's general swim in the shallow end, and the deep end is divided into lane swim and aquafit.

Unfortunately, the "lane" swimmers and the lifeguards forgot a few things like lane etiquette, slow and fast lanes, and even ropes. What should have been two lanes was one big one, and chaos reigned supreme. There was no order to the direction of the swimmers, or to their speed/skill. And no one except for me seemed to care. So after fitting the goggles under the cap for the first time (which took me a few minutes), I made some sense of the swimmers around me and started out.

I started to get a bit p*ssed at everyone being so disarrayed, but I suddenly saw this as a great opportunity to get used to having bodies swimming around me. When you lane swim at the masters club, it's pretty much just you with one ahead and one behind. No contact, no need to navigate, no worries. But tonight, I had to pay more attention to my surroundings and direction than before. At first it was very tiring, because you're not focused on just your stroke but on all the things around you. But I kind of got the hang of it, and was soon able to time the navigation with my breathing and recovery. Now, of course, there were times where I was stopped in my tracks because of a road block, but that worked out well also. I got a bit of a break, and I got more open-water-type training.

While it was frustrating and a bit more tiring, it was a good night. I'm feeling much more confident now heading into the event this Saturday.


At 7:16 p.m., Blogger Kim said...

That does sound like some good training with the chaos around you in the pool, just like race day!!


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