Tuesday, August 22, 2006

August 22, 2006 - A risky ride

Bike: 10km, 23min

August 21, 9:30pm:
Perhaps I'll ride to work tomorrow. I'm going to reassemble it - it won't take long.

Famous last words. I ended up in bed just after midnight. I had taken the drivetrain apart on the weekend and cleaned it all up, just letting it airdry before I put it back together. The cogs went back on the rear wheel, the derailleur was mounted on the frame, the chain threaded through and reconnected. Now we go to set the rear derailleur alignment.

Problem 1: The B-screw (sets the distance from the pulleys to the cogs) isn't working. The catch isn't catching on the frame, so the screw isn't doing what it should. Remove the derailleur and reattach, and see that the paint on the frame is blocking the catch from catching the frame. Some new word combinations were formed, and after getting the catch to (somewhat) catch, we move on.

Problem 2: The chain is making a bad noise. Perhaps it's really dry. Graciously oil the chain, only to find that the chain is not threaded properly (what the hell?!?). So now I have to disconnect and reconnect a nicely oiled chain, 'cause apparently it's not challenging enough to line the pins up when the chain's dry.

Problem 3: The derailleur is not sitting straight. Panic grows when I realize that I've crossthreaded the damn thing into the frame (damn catch!). Don't have a tap, so I have to insert and remove the derailleur again and again to fix the threads in the frame...hopefully. After a short interlude consisting of a viscious deathmatch with the damn fly that wouldn't leave me the %^&@#$! alone (and I still didn't catch the bugger), I realized that I had to again remove the chain to properly reseat the derailleur on the frame...while trying to get the catch to hold the frame.

Finally, the derailleur is happy on the frame, properly aligned, with the B-screw doing the job properly. Reattach the cable and start setting the alignment.

Problem 4: After three attempts to set the damn thing, I finally realize that the cable is slipping in the derailleur. Set the cable again, tighten the screw far more than is recommended my Shimano, reset the Hi and Lo setscrews, and start again.

Well, I finally did get everything done. But no road test to make sure it's all good.

And there lies the risk.

Before getting too far from home, I run the derailleurs through the paces, making sure that the chainpins aren't going to surprise me at the same time by falling out. Thankfully, it's all good, and off I go to work. Finally.

But now I've got a squeeky rear brake to deal with....


At 8:01 p.m., Blogger Kim said...

Sounds like it's time to visit your LBS!!


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